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Are you looking for an inspiring residency in 2024?

Are you looking for an inspiring residency in 2024?
Are you an innovative creator or researcher and do you enjoy working on outdoor locational projects? Are you easily fascinated by a changing environment, new landscapes, or are you fascinated with the interaction between nature, water, and the urban environment and are you looking for a place where you can develop and test your ideas? As of 2024, StrandLAB will have new openings for residencies!

How does it work?
Through the residency programme, we offer space to local, national, and international creators, artists, and researchers. As a resident of StrandLAB you will use your research question—during predetermined periods in the calendar year 2024—to engage with the social and/or physical environment of the Almere Beach. You will share the result of your research with the public in various ways.

With this collaboration you will get the chance as a resident to explore your research question in different environments, experiment, and to test your work over a long-term period. As a resident at StrandLAB you will get the opportunity to develop yourself in terms of content, presentation, and interaction with the environment. StrandLAB has a well-developed network within and outside of Flevoland. On top of that, StrandLAB works closely together with the local festivals Oerol and Over het IJ, amongst others.

Who are we looking for?
It doesn’t matter from which discipline you work. We find it most important that you work with a focus on the location, that you are interested in the environment (landscape and/or society) of the Almere beach, and that you welcome new connections. We also expect that you will present a part of your research as well as the results of your residency to the public.

We offer an inspiring location, substantive guidance, a platform, new contacts, a basic fee, and a budget for the execution of your research.

About StrandLAB Almere
StrandLAB Almere is an outdoor laboratory for culture situated at the Almere beach. It is a place for talent and experiments. StrandLAB works together with locals, artists, cultural and social partners, scientists, and other creators through multidisciplinary and locational programmes, which focus on local heritage, nature, social questions, and more. We do this through residencies, educational projects, and co-creative public programmes.

Are you excited? Sign up before 10 September 2023. Send an email to with a brief description of who you are, what your research or knowledge field encompasses, and what you would like to develop at StrandLAB (max. 2 pages). If we think you are a good match, we would love to invite you for a further acquaintance at the Almere beach on Tuesday evening 19 September (between 17:30 – 21:30). Save the date in your planner!

Save the dates

  • Sign up before 10 September 2023!
  • Mark Tuesday evening 19 September 2023 in your planner!

For questions or additional information, contact us via